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我們的船長嘟嘟及駕駛員亞濛為了搜羅不同的快樂元素,他們展開刺激又快樂的冒險旅程。他們駕駛「GO 太空船」遊歷不同的宇宙、穿梭過去未來去找尋快樂元素給大家。

經過他們的多年的努力,任務已經完成,所以船長嘟嘟決定將「GO太空船」,登陸在公元2021年的太陽系- 地球- 香港山頂廣場並命名為GO@Peak Galleria。

他們把搜羅回來的快樂元素(特色美食  GO Dining,創意零售 Go Shopping、藝術創作 Go Arty)分享給大家,除此之外,他們亦將多年遊歷的所見所聞, 全都儲存在神秘的 GO Museum內 , 歡迎各星球旅客前來一起分享快樂!

In order to collect different elements of happiness, our captain 嘟嘟 and pilot 亞濛 embarked on a thrilling and happy adventure. They drive the "GO Spaceship" to travel through different universes, travel through the past and the future to find happy elements for everyone.

After years of hard work, the mission has been completed, so Captain Dudu decided to land the "GO Spaceship" in the solar system-Earth-Hong Kong Peak Galleria in 2021 and named it GO@Peak Galleria.

They share the joyful elements (Delicious Gourmet - Go Dining , Creative collection - Go Shopping , Artistic creation - Go Arty ) they have collected with everyone. In addition, they also store all the things they have seen and heard during their years of travel in a mysterious space - Go Museum , welcome to all planets Travelers come to share the joy !

Captain 嘟嘟

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