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Collection :  Crossroad《 十字街頭 》


Open for public - Free admission
Monday - Thursday : 11 am - 6 pm
Friday - Sunday : 11 am - 8 pm

Go Arty Shop 219 GO@ PeakGalleria , 2/F , Peak Galleria , The Peak ,Hong Kong

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人生中不時會走在十字路口上 ,應該向哪個方向走會是最好 還是不論走向哪個
方向,命運已經決定了 一樣的結局 ?
Uncle@AWS在街頭創作的道路上走 過 二十個年頭。在這兩個十年的創 作 生涯上,
剛送走了仍是「疫」境的2021 年, 由 2022 年 1 月 4 日至 1 月 16 日Uncle@AWS
將會在山頂廣場的 Go Arty 中,展出十幅新舊作品,像是回顧過往走上不同的十
字路口的經歷。 即使經 歷 過徘徊生死邊 緣的意外後,步入漫長的康復旅程上,
Uncle@AWS 總相信, 路不論多迂迴,只要不停步,總會有出口。

Uncle@AWS , the street art and graffiti artist, began to create in 2001, i n these 2 decades of creation, ups, and downs, left and right on the crossroad
Keep left, keep right, going up or going down?!
He is telling his crossroad stories by10 art pieces on his solo exhibition in the Go Arty. How tough on the road, if you do not stop, you must find your way out When life got moving, then everything was coming in fits and starts. 


Artist -


曾昭昶, 塗鴉藝術家 / 平面設計師 / AfterWorkShop 香港塗鴉工作室創辦人 / Wallskar國際街頭藝術交流平台創辦人。2000年開始接觸 graffiti (塗鴉),取名為 Uncle,是塗鴉圈最早期的標誌性人物之一。熟悉不同類型的塗鴉風格,並專門研究中文字體塗鴉,希望把西方文化在東方蘊釀出嶄新的元素。2020年2月發生了嚴重交通意外,徘徊生死邊緣。休養大半年後,於10月復出,首個復出作品為DDHK舉辦的Cyberpunk李小龍。及後在有限體能下一直不斷保持創作至今。Uncle的街頭創作見於香港多處地區,如荃灣南豐紗廠、麗閣商場、深水埗通州街臨時街市對出、各區商店食肆等。他亦經常與不同機構合作及到學校進行分享及教學,傳承街頭塗鴉文化。

Tsang Chiu Chong is a Graffiti artist/graphic designer/founder of AfterWorkShop / “Wallskar” international street art exchange platform’s ambassador. He started graffiti in 2000 and named himself “Uncle”. He was the earliest iconic figure in the graffiti industry. Uncle was seriously injured from a car accident in February 2021 and have been dealing with a life and death situation for 8 months. The first comeback is the cyberpunk Bruce Lee held by DDHK. After that, he continued to create with limited physical ability. Uncle’s street creations can be found in many places in Hong Kong, such as Tsuen Wan Nan Fung Spinning Factory, Lai Kok Shopping Centre, Sham Shui Po Tung Chau Street Temporary Market, shops and restaurants, etc. In addition, he also cooperates with different organizations and is the workshop tutor in different local schools.


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